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Show Notes

Who in the hell is Antonio Spurs? Possibly an MMA fighter that owns a Siberian Tiger. We sort it all out in this weeks episode of the podcast. We apologize in advance for the occasional buzzing sound during the show. We’re trying to track down the source and eradicate it.

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Stuff we talk about:

  • Crazy coworkers practicing for the Zombie Apocalypse
  • Bug-out bags: Evan found an awesome one at apocalypsepak.com. Shouldn’t everyone have a bug-out bag ready?
  • Cars of the Zombie Apocalypse: Winebago, 70s Shag Van & Toyota Hylux
  • MMA People – We all agree we are uncomfortable with these people and that Football fans are closeted LARPers.
  • Who in the hell is Antonio Spurs? Noah tries to explain him to Brian and Evan.
  • Costumed weddings.
  • Nobody ever rewears their prom, bridesmaids or wedding dresses a second time.
  • Spanx and Man Spanx. Bring back corsets: Dita Von Teese.
  • Where’s the line on nudity for actresses, models and lingere models?
  • Can Scotch cure Strep Throat?
  • People and their exoctic pets. Weird or not?
  • Humanzee, fact or fiction? We wax pseudo-scientific on the possibility of a human-chimpanzee hybrid.
  • Cartoons, we cover Cat-Dog, Ren & Stimpy, Spongebob, Space Ghost Coast to Coast & Heavy Metal

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